Form Data Transmission

This element can be used to send form data from your iOS app to a script on a remote server. For example, you can create a contact form in your project.

After adding a Form Data Transmission to your screen, you will find this item in the Outline in the Objects folder.

appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission


To show the properties of the Form Data Transmission, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.

Form Data Transmission

appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission (Form Data Transmission)

  • Name
    Here you give the element a name. This name is only used within appdoo. For example, you can quickly see in the outline where each Form Data Transmission is located. You can also edit the name by double-clicking on the Form Data Transmission in the outline. We recommend that you assign unique names when working with Data Links.

  • Method
    Here you can select the transfer method.

    • HTTP (POST)
      The data is enclosed in the body of the request message.

    • HTTP (GET)
      The data is appended to the URL as parameters.

  • Send to URL
    Enter the URL to which the form data is to be sent here. Make sure that the URL always starts with “http://” or “https://”.


  • On Successful Delivery
    Here you can define which action should be executed after successful transmission of the data.

    • (No Action)

    • Show Screen
      This option allows you to show a specific screen of your project.

      appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission (Show Screen)

      • Screen
        Here you select the screen of your project to be shown.

      • Modal Presentation
        You can choose between different transitions for the transition from the current screen to the target screen:
        • None
        • Push from Bottom
        • Flip
        • Crossfade
      • Transfer Data
        Activate this checkbox if you want to transfer the contents of a data source of the current screen to the target screen.

        The corresponding multiline selection field is only displayed if there is at least one Data Source on the current screen. Select a Data Source by clicking on the corresponding entry. The selected entry is displayed inverted.

    • Go Back
      Select this option if you want to switch to the screen that was visible before the current screen. However, this does not apply if the user has switched screens via the Tab Bar.

    • Perform Object Action
      If you have selected this option, a multiline selection field with your objects (see “Objects” folder of the outline) is shown. Select an Object by clicking on the corresponding entry. The selected entry is displayed inverted.

      Depending on the selected object, various options are available in the select box below. For example, you can display an Alert View, start the playback of an Audio Player, or initiate the reload of a Data Source.

      appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission (Perform Object Action)


appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission (Advanced)

  • Show Activity Indicator
    If you select this checkbox, a spinning wheel is displayed in the middle of the screen during the transmission. When the transmission is complete, the spinning wheel is automatically hidden.


appdoo - Elements - Form Data Transmission (Test)

  • Preview
    In this field, you can check which fields and data are sent to the specified URL.

  • Execute
    With a click on this button the data are transmitted to the given URL. Thus, you already have the possibility in appdoo to check the transmission of the data to the server and, if necessary, to adapt the server-side script.

  • Response
    This field displays the text returned by the server (resp. your script).