With the timer you can execute actions time-controlled. You can also specify that the execution is to be executed at an interval.

After adding a Action Set to your screen, you will find this item in the Outline in the Objects folder.


To show the properties of the Timer, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.


appdoo - Elements - Timer (Timer)

  • Name
    Here you give the element a name. This name is only used within appdoo. For example, you can quickly see in the outline where each Action Set is located. You can also edit the name by double-clicking on the Action Set in the outline. We recommend that you assign unique names when working with Data Links.

  • Interval
    Here you specify the time period in seconds after which the Timer is to be executed. If the checkbox “Repeat” is activated, the Timer will be executed in an interval. The length of the pause is the time specified here.

  • Repeat
    Select this check box to repeat the execution of the timer forever.

  • Start Immediately
    Activate this checkbox to start execution immediately when the screen is displayed.

  • Action
    Here you define the type of action to be executed. You can choose between the following action types:

    • (No Action)

    • Show Screen
      If you select this option, the screen you defined will be displayed when you tap on the button. You can choose between different transitions for the transition from the current screen to the target screen:

      • None
      • Push from Bottom
      • Flip
      • Crossfade

      You can also define here whether data should be transferred to the next screen. If you activate this checkbox, a list of available data sources (e.g. RSS 2.0 Feed, Atom Feed, JSON container etc.) is displayed below. You can select one entry from this list.

    • Go Back
      You select this option if, for example, you want to give the user of your app the possibility to return to the overview from a detail page. In this case it is a good idea to position the button in the upper left corner of the navigation bar.

      However, this option has no effect/function if the user has changed the screens via the Tab Bar.

    • Perform Object Action
      If you select this option, a list of the Object Actions (located in the “Miscellaneous” area) of the current screen is displayed. You can select one entry from this list.

The following property of the element can be set using the data links:

  • Interval

All information about this area can be found on the separate Data Links page.

appdoo - Elements - Timer - Data Links