Tab Bar

A Tab Bar is usually displayed at the bottom of the window and contains buttons to switch between screens of your app.

appdoo - Elements - Tab Bar

No matter how much content is on the screen, the Tab Bar always remains at the bottom of the window and is never scrolled away.


To show the properties of the Tab Bar, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.

Tab Bar

appdoo - Elements - Tab Bar (Tab Bar)

  • Global Tint Color
    The Tint Color sets the default font color for the buttons in the Tab Bar.

    appdoo - Elements - Tab Bar (Tint Color)

  • Background Color
    Here you define the background color of your Tab Bar.

  • Translucent
    If this checkbox is activated, the Tab Bar is displayed with a slight transparency. In addition, the area for displaying the other elements of the screen no longer ends above the Tab Bar, but at the bottom of the screen, i.e. now behind the Tab Bar.

    If this checkbox is active and you add a List View to the screen for example, then you have to insert some space below the last entry so that the last entries do not disappear behind the Tab Bar. This distance can be set in the “Scroll Insets”.

  • Dark Style
    If this checkbox is activated, the background of the Tab Bar will be dark and the font bright. Which colors are used depends on the iOS version.


  • Change Default Font
    The standard font of the iOS version installed on the user’s device is used for the Tab Bar texts. If you want to change this font, activate this checkbox. This displays the corresponding setting options.

    appdoo - Elements - Tab Bar (Font)

    In this area you have the possibility to set the font, the font weight and the font size. If you select the “System” option for the font, the system font specified by iOS will be used for the display. This font may differ between different versions of iOS.

    These settings are used in all screens in your project.


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