Segmented Control

This element provides horizontal control from multiple segments, each segment acting as a separate button.


To show the properties of the Segmented Control, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.

Segmented Control

appdoo - Elements - Segmented-Control (Segmented-Control)

  • Name
    Here you give the element a name. This name is only used within appdoo. For example, you can quickly see in the outline where each Date Picker is located. You can also edit the name by double-clicking on the Date Picker in the outline. We recommend that you assign unique names when working with Layout Constraints and Data Links.

  • Labels
    Here you specify the possible options. Each option is on a separate line.

  • Selected #
    Specify the position of the option selected at startup.

  • Color
    Here you specify the border color of the entire element and the background color of the selected segment.


appdoo - Elements - Segmented Control (Font)

In this area you have the possibility to set the font, the font weight and the font size. If you select the “System” option for the font, the system font specified by iOS will be used for the display. This font may differ between different versions of iOS.


appdoo - Elements - Segmented Control (Advanced)

  • Hidden
    If you activate this checkbox, your Segmented Control will still be present on your work space, but will not be displayed in the app. This can be useful, for example, if you only want to display the Segmented Control under certain circumstances. You can control this via the “Hidden” field in the “Data Links” area.


All information about this area can be found on the separate Geometry page.

appdoo - Elements - Segmented Control - Geometry

The following properties of the element can be set using the data links:

  • Labels
  • Selected #
  • Selected # (0-index)
  • Hidden

All information about this area can be found on the separate Data Links page.

appdoo - Elements - Segmented Control - Data Links