Work space

The work space is your show stage. Let’s first take a look at the elements that are already included as standard.

This is the Navigation Bar at the top. You have probably already seen this in many iOS apps. In the middle of this Navigation Bar is the title of the current screen. You can select this title for editing by double-clicking it.

appdoo - Screen View - Navigation Bar

In the lower area you will find the Tab Bar. This serves to navigate between different screens or parts of your app. You can easily change the order of the elements contained here using Drag & Drop. And if you want to add a new screen to your project that will also appear in the Tab Bar, move your mouse pointer over the Tab Bar and click on the plus button that appears on the right side of the bar.

appdoo - Screen View - Tab Bar

In the middle area - between the navigation bar and the tab bar - is the part of your work space where you can drag labels, buttons, images and other elements. In this area you can freely position your elements (some details are explained in chapter “Geometry”). To show the properties of an element in the right sidebar, move the mouse pointer over the element and click on it. Now it is provided with a frame that provides points for adjusting the size (height, width) depending on the element type.

appdoo - Screen View - Selected element with properties

appdoo - Screen View - Simulators

In the lower right corner of the app window you will find a selection box where you can simulate the sizes (width, height) of the different iOS devices. Your work space will be adapted to the corresponding dimensions.

The view of your work space can be zoomed in using the key combination cmd + + and zoomed out using cmd + -. Use the cmd + 0 key combination to return the reduction or enlargement to its original size. You can also call this function from the menu (View).

appdoo - Menu - View (Zoom)