List of elements

In this area you will find a list of all available elements. You can add these elements to your screen in various ways. All visible elements such as labels, buttons or images can be simply dragged from the list to your work space and positioned in the same step. You can also add elements (visible and invisible) to your screen by double-clicking the element or dragging it into the outline. Just as you like.

appdoo - Screen View - List of Elements

You may be wondering why there are invisible elements as well as visible elements. Let me explain. Elements such as labels, buttons and images are searchable elements because they are visible on the work space after being added to your screen. But there are also elements like animations or timers that do their work invisibly and control certain actions on your screen. Although these elements are of course visible to you in the structure of your screen, they are not visible to the users of the finished app.

We don’t want to go into the details of the elements here, but let’s take a quick look at what happens when you add an “invisible” element to your screen. Scroll down a bit in the list of elements (or hey, try the search field!) until you reach the element “Animation”. Add this element to your screen by double-clicking on it.

Now take a look at the outline and you will notice that a new folder “Objects” has been added on the top level. All invisible elements are automatically added to this folder. So everything has its place.

appdoo - Screen View - View folder

For a detailed listing and description of the different elements, please refer to the “Elements” section.