Data Processing

This element allows you to execute JavaScript code and return a value. This return value can then be used to supply other elements such as labels with dynamic data via data links.

appdoo - Elements - Data Processing


To show the properties of the Data Processing, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.

  • Name
    Here you give the element a name. This name is only used within appdoo. For example, you can quickly see in the outline where each Data Processing is located. You can also edit the name by double-clicking on the Data Processing in the outline. We recommend that you assign unique names when working with Data Links.

  • JavaScript
    Enter your JavaScript source code in the large multiline text field. Your JavaScript code must have a return value. A simple example you can start with is this one:

      var x = 1;
      return x;
  • Evaluate
    Click this button to execute the JavaScript code. So you can test if everything works as desired. The return value and any errors that have occurred are displayed in the bordered area below the button.

  • Evaluate immediately
    Activate this checkbox to start running the JavaScript code immediately when the screen is displayed.