Photo Slider

With the Photo Slider you can add a large number of images to your app that the user of the iOS app can browse through. You can choose whether the images should come from your project or from the Internet.


To show the properties of the Photo Slider, click the Properties tab (the slider icon) in the upper right sidebar.

appdoo - Elements - Photo Slider (Photo Slider)

  • Name
    Here you give the element a name. This name is only used within appdoo. For example, you can quickly see in the outline where each Photo Slider is located. You can also edit the name by double-clicking on the Photo Slider in the outline. We recommend that you assign unique names when working with Layout Constraints and Data Links.

  • Source
    Here you can choose whether you want to select a images directly from your appdoo project (local) or images from from the Internet (remote).

    • local
      Drag into this list all images from the Files folder of the outline that are to be displayed in the Photo Slider. To remove images from the list, click the “×” button to the right of the document’s file name. You can change the order by Drag & Drop.

      If more than one image has been added to this list, you can switch from image to image within the iOS app by sideways swiping.

    • remote
      If you have selected the option “remote” from the selectbox, a multiline input field is displayed below the selectbox. Here you enter the URLs (one URL per line) of the images. Make sure that the URLs always starts with “http://” or “https://”.


  • Hidden appdoo - Elements - Photo Slider (Advanced)

    If you activate the “Hidden” checkbox, your Photo Slider will still be present on your work space, but will not be displayed. This can be useful, for example, if you only want to display the Photo Slider under certain circumstances. You can control this via the “Hidden” field in the “Data Links” area.


All information about this area can be found on the separate Geometry page.

appdoo - Elements - Photo Slider - Geometry

The following properties of the element can be set using the data links:

  • Image URL
  • Hidden

All information about this area can be found on the separate Data Links page.

appdoo - Elements - Photo Slider - Data Links