The overview shows all screens of your project.

In the toolbar on the left side there is a “+” button. Click on this button to add a new screen to your project.

appdoo - Overview toolbar (left)

On the right side of the toolbar there are two buttons. With the gear button you open the dialog for the General Settings of your project. By clicking on the “Export” button you can export your project as a native iOS application and optionally open it automatically in Xcode.

appdoo - Overview toolbar (right)

If another screen is opened from one screen, an arrow is displayed between the two screens.

appdoo - Overview

Set Initial Screen

To define a certain screen as the initial screen of your app, right-click on the corresponding screen and select “Initial Screen” or “Initial Screen (Tab View)” from the context menu. The screen is then marked with a blue bar at the top.

appdoo Overview - Set Initial Screen

If after this action several screens are marked with a blue border at the top, this is because all these screens are located in the Tab Bar. In this case, the Tab Bar is like a parent element and all screens are initial screens, since they can be reached directly via the items of the Tab Bar.

appdoo Overview - Initial Screen (Tab View)