First Steps

Create your first app

After successful installation open up the appdoo application. Create a universal app project by selecting the “New Project” dropdown at the bottom right of the appdoo home screen.

appdoo - Recent Projects

You are now presented with three choices of an application. Choose the universal tabbed app.

appdoo - Select project type

In the General Settings give your app the name “MyCoolApp”, and then click “OK”.

appdoo - General Settings

You are now presented with the overview of your app.

appdoo - Overview

Double click on “Screen 1” to see a more detailed view.

appdoo - Screen detail

On the left side, in the “Labels and Buttons” section, drag a “Label” into your work space. Change the label text to “My first app” by clicking on it.

View your app on the appdoo Previewer

You can view your app in the “appdoo Previewer” iOS App.

appdoo Previewer

Save your project and export your app to Xcode

  1. File > Save…
  2. File > Export App…

After the export Xcode will be opened automatically with your app.

appdoo project in Xcode

Select a simulator in the toolbar of Xcode and click on the play button to start your app in the simulator. Note that depending on the configuration of your Mac, it may take some time to initialize the simulator for first use.

Toolbar of Xcode

iOS device simulator